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Can a Business Intelligence Platform Make Spreadsheets Obsolete?

Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs have become indispensable business tools. Not only are spreadsheets useful for keeping track of data and making calculations, they contain a number of business intelligence features and data visualizations. However, as vital as spreadsheets have become, they are relatively complicated to understand and use. While you can connect to [...]

Why XLReport Leverages Excel as Your Business Intelligence Tool

Organizations are continuously facing pressure to deliver ad-hoc information that effectively meets their business goals. This requires them to have access to real-time data, while also combining, integrating and finally delivering this information to end-users whenever and wherever it’s required. The Problem Most companies manage huge amounts of data distributed on different databases and separate [...]

Excel 2013 Business Intelligence enhanced…

“This release of Excel enables business users to do self-service Business Intelligence directly in the client, which now becomes a complete and powerful self-service BI tool – users have all they need in one familiar application in order to do data modeling, exploration and visualization of the data.” More…   We really love what Excel [...]