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Self Service Real-Time Data with XLReport Parameters.

XLReport allows to define Parameters to Queries. So; every time a real-time data set is inserted into Excel the user will be asked to assign a parameter. This can also be useful for creating dashboards using the same query with different parameters. Once the data was inserted into Excel you can work with it as [...]

3 Minutes to efficiently connect to Real-Time Data in Excel

View the XLReport Getting Started Video and learn in 3 minutes how to connect to your databases and retrieve real-time data.

XLReport – Two New Real-Time Data Refresh Features

Until now, XLReport offered two “Refresh” data functionalities. 1.) “Refresh” the current Excel sheet. 2.) “Refresh All” Excel sheets in the current workbook. When you inserted a real-time data XLReport object into Excel, then the whole XLReport query structure was inherited and, if you edited the underlying query (e.g. adding some new fields), XLReport would [...]

Excel GeoFlow Real Time Data with XLReport

Just tested the new Microsoft Excel GeoFlow add-on and it works beautifully together with XLReport real time data.   1.) Insert XLReport real time data into Excel Let’s use the XLReport query “Sales by Country”.   Here is the result: 2.) Insert the Excel GeoFlow map · Adjust the GeoFlow map settings as you like. [...]

Ten Reasons You will Love XLReport as Your BI Tool

Data Connections 1. XLReport allows direct database connections to databases like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Excel, text files and any other database that has an ODBC or OLEDB driver. Query Your Data without Limitations 2. You will face no limitation building your queries. Any SQL syntax supported by the database [...]

Edit a XLReport Query and Save it as a New Query

Sometimes you just need to do small changes to an existing XLReport Query and save it as a new one. Instead of building the Query from scratch you can edit an existing Query and save it with a new name. Watch the video!

Create Queries from existing XLReport Queries

Besides building queries from your database tables and views, XLReport also allows designing queries from already existing XLReport Queries. It also combines XLReport Queries with database tables and views. Watch the video!

XLReport almost ready for release

We’re almost done with beta testing XLReport. So far so good; just a few minor bugs to clean and we’ll be ready to go. So hopefully we’ll be able to release XLReport in a few days. Meantime watch the quick tour video.

Real Time Data in Excel without the Pain? Now you can!

Real Time Data in Excel without the Pain? Now you can! Take the XLReport Quick Tour!

XLReport offers the functionality to create XLReport Query objects from existing ones.

Often you’ll need to create a new Query from an existing one; e.g. let’s suppose you have a detailed Query already setup up and want to create a summary Query from it. Instead of building your Query from scratch you can build it from the detailed one. Watch the video for more insight.