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3 Minutes to efficiently connect to Real-Time Data in Excel

View the XLReport Getting Started Video and learn in 3 minutes how to connect to your databases and retrieve real-time data.

“Geoflow” for Excel: 3D Big Data Visualization Built on Bing Maps

Today Microsoft is announcing the public preview of project codename “Geoflow” for Excel. “Geoflow” is a 3D visualization tool that helps users map, explore and interact with both geographic and chronological data, enabling discoveries that could be difficult to identify with traditional 2D tables and charts. Moreover, “Geoflow” emphasizes visual storytelling through collaborative features that [...]

New support for query tables in Excel Services improves workbook sharing across an organization

With the enhancements to Excel Services as part of the new Office, Excel now supports query table refresh. Workbooks with query tables now can be seamlessly refreshed on the go from any browser! No need to convert your query table to a pivot table or download a workbook to desktop Excel client to refresh your [...]