Data Connections

1. XLReport allows direct database connections to databases like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Excel, text files and any other database that has an ODBC or OLEDB driver.

Query Your Data without Limitations

2. You will face no limitation building your queries. Any SQL syntax supported by the database you’re connected to is supported.

3. Sort, filter, apply functions, date functions, concatenate fields, add aggregate & summary functions and create pre-calculated fields. You can also assign auto-filters like “Next Month”, “Current Month”, “Current Year”, “Next Week”, etc.

video Watch it – Date Filters! video Watch it – Parameter Queries!

4. Define parameter queries so when you run it, it prompts for input criteria.

5. Besides building queries from your database tables, views and stored procedures, you can also design new queries from already existing XLReport queries.

video Watch it – Create Queries from exiting XLReport Queries!

6. Creating variations of queries is easy; just edit an existing query and save it as a new one.

7. Once you save a query it will always be accessible from within the project explorer. No need to rebuild queries over and over again.

video Watch it – Save a Query as a new one!

Import Your Data into Excel

8. The whole purpose of XLReport is inserting real time connected external data into Excel.
Just click the query object and insert its data as static, real time data sheet or real time pivot table. To refresh real time data just click the “refresh” button and you’ll receive the most recent data set.

video Watch it – Import Your data into Excel!

Be secure

9. Be secure: Your data connection strings are encrypted and not visible to end-users. This makes it secure to distribute XLReport Excel files to end-users.

Easily distribute Your Query Objects and Projects

10. If you distribute an Excel file with embedded real time connected XLReport data, then the end user only needs to “Refresh” the sheet and they will receive the most current data set.

If several people are working on creating XLReport Excel files, you can export and import individual XLReport objects and projects to deploy to other users.