Organizations are continuously facing pressure to deliver ad-hoc information that effectively meets their business goals. This requires them to have access to real-time data, while also combining, integrating and finally delivering this information to end-users whenever and wherever it’s required.

The Problem

Most companies manage huge amounts of data distributed on different databases and separate systems like accounting, finances, sales, ERP, human resources, etc. This makes decision making a real challenge because all required data needs to be in one place before its analysis.

Companies could compile their data manually in Excel by retyping or copying and pasting. This procedure though is very cumbersome and time consuming and often prone to data errors.

Can a Business Intelligence Tool Help?

There are many very powerful BI solutions out there, but the fact remains that these programs are very expensive, time-consuming and difficult to implement and to learn. They’re also often overloaded with features most small, midsized and even big companies ever use.

It’s also a fact that most of the BI software isn’t very flexible, quick or and responsive when business end-users require new or variations of existing reports or dashboards.

Businesses are facing new challenges to acquire insightful knowledge of their data, but they’re also concerned with the costs associated with BI implementations so they look for new ways to reduce hidden costs.

Wouldn’t any business person want a single, easy to use software program that could offer real insights into company data? XLReport could be your answer.

Why Excel as BI Tool?

No doubt that Microsoft Excel is already the most commonly used BI software.

It’s easy to use, flexible, and very powerful and has millions of users worldwide.

Excel offers a host of built-in analysis, reporting and charting features, which are hard to be matched by most BI platforms. Plus, most people with corporate background have proficient skills with Excel. Its ability to show trends over time is a must for most types of data analysis.

There are many of valid reasons to use Excel as your BI platform:

· Everyone knows Excel

· Companies already own Excel

· Familiar user interface

· It’s easy to tweak reports by sorting, filtering, etc.

· Powerful and very extensive formula environment

· Power-users can design scenarios, what-if analysis, create compelling charts and pivot data

· Unmatched report output flexibility

· Easy to deploy and share

Why XLReport?

To make the most of data analysis and reporting, companies need to establish a single and trusted version of their data. As long as data is being accessed from a trusted environment, Excel is an excellent reporting and BI tool. However, like all systems, it has some weakness.

Too many data marts and versions of truth undermine the BI staff’s effort to provide a single version of truth and trust. As we know, once the correct trustable data is in Excel it is easy to analyze it and report from it.

And therein lies the problem. For most business it’s hard to dynamically access their real-time trusted data.

XLReport works as an Excel add-on to solve the problem to seamlessly retrieve real-time data from almost any data-source.

· Work in Excel. XLReport users never leave the familiar Excel environment.

· Easy to learn. In very little time, end-users will learn XLReport functionality and access business data the way they want it.

· Work with all your business data. XLReport can connect to almost any data source and organizes your reports with projects. Once a data-connection was established it is always accessible; no need to connect over and over again.

· Query data just as needed. The query builder allows querying your data in any imaginable way. Easily create variation of queries without they need to start from scratch. Apply expressions, formulas, filters and parameters. In short, there is no limitation to what you can do with the XLReport query builder.

· Customizable. Once the data is in Excel, users can customize and format it to their needs using Excel’s built-in functions.

· Fast. XLReport offers quick, real-time self-service data reporting and analyzing. Just click the refresh button and retrieve the most recent data.

· Secure. All data connections are encrypted and cannot be seen by end-users.

ROI. Offering a competitive price, and a steep implementation and learning curve, XLReport gives you an accelerated return of investment.

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