XLReport - Painless Real Time Data Reporting with Excel

Easily Query and Report Data from Your External Databases in Excel. In Real Time!

XLReport is an Excel add-on which allows to connect to almost any Data source.
You can then build interactive Queries and insert its Data into Excel as Live, Real-time connected Data sheet or Pivot table which can be automatically deployed to End-users.

Connect to Your Data

Connect to data sources like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2, Excel, text files and any other using ODBC or OLEDB. More...

Build your XLReport Queries

The Visual Query Builder allows you to create any imaginable Query without limitations in a visual drag & drop mode.  More...

Save Your XLReport Queries

Once a Query was saved, it will be always accessible from within the XLReport Project Explorer to insert its underlying data into Excel. More...


Insert the Live Data into Excel

Insert the Query's underlying data into Excel with a single click as a Static or Real Time Data sheet. More...

Enjoy the Power of Excel Reporting

Work with Excel advanced reporting features as usual; format, sort, groups, etc.

Retrieve your most recent Real-Time Data

Just click the "Refresh Data" button and your Excel sheet will be updated with Real-time Data from your databases. More...

Deploy automatically

The XLReport Report Server allows instant Query Object deployments to End-users. End-users can run any Real-Time query which was assigned to the User Group they belong to.  More...

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